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All creatures of the Earth have respective foods that are appropriate for them, and, so to speak, you are what you eat. In addition, the body always emits signals. If one eats inappropriate foods, the body signals the problems in the form of high or low blood pressure, low body temperature, or obesity. If we ignore these signals, it can result in diseases.


The essence that caused diseases in the first place will not be changed even if you take medicine to get rid of the symptoms. The real cause of the diseases is in inappropriate eating habits. Therefore, it is essential for you to reevaluate your basic everyday eating habits and correct them as necessary.


By reevaluating your eating habits, the diseases will be weakened or even cured. You can therefore maintain a healthy long life in the future, which will result in saving you from unnecessary medical costs. I believe that it is time that we—human beings—thought about “what to eat to maintain our health.”


I felt that we have had incorrect understandings of food due to our diverse eating habits considering the fact that we were originally multi-grain eaters. Even if some food is known to be beneficial for our health, it can affect us negatively if overly consumed or inappropriate cooking methods are being used. Organic Centre (The Natural Food Research Center) —which seeks to understand the relation between food and diseases—is going to use this page to introduce my personal perspectives on various cooking methods to ameliorate sickness and to have healthy eating habits.


Owner chef Sato Kazuhiro  


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Seafood Restaurant & Inn Yoboso/Organic Centre


The dishes I cook contain only natural foods that are healthy and kind to your body: Miso and soy-source are all hand-made; seafood is cooked without using any artificial ingredients; sushi is cooked without using synthetic vinegar; bread is baked without trans fat acid (TFA). I can prepare foods for vegans (without dairy products) and vegetarians and for those allergic to various foods. Please mention these at the time of reservation. (Reservations are necessary for staying overnight and/or dining at least a day before your visit.)


 Information      OPEN 1MAYー30SEPTEMBER / Non-smoker・No tattoo allowed)




  • Lunch/Dinner (seafood course / from 2people ~max 4people) ¥5,000¥30,000  (seafood cuisine, sushi, miso soup)  +tax    Please let us know your budget as we can prepare accordingly.


  • Stay (seafood: including dinner & breakfast / from 2people~ max 4people)    18,000+tax

       Check-in time  15:00~17:00    Check-out time 10:00


  • Payment: Cash only. We do not accept credit cards.

  • Reservation: Before 3 days (Due to taking counter measures against the corona virus)

  • Transportation available from and to JR Tanesashi Station. Please let us know your arriving time.
  • Cancellation must be made at least a day before your arrival date. The cancellation fee of the day of arrival will be 100%, the day before of arrival will be 80% of the price of both staying and dining.





13 Yoboishi Samemachi Hachinohe-shi Aomori, JAPAN

 E-mail: chefsato@aol.jp  TEL&FAX:81-178-38-2431            (Please call between 9a.m.and 11a.m, 14p.m and 17p.m.)